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Hello my name is Pui, I am a web developer and web designer.


16 July 2015

Angular Testing - Portfolio

Working with Angular and am loving it. I have created a one pager using Angular for my portfolio, making better use of the tagging functionality.

See the working demo here.

I will definitely be implementing this as soon as I can. It is a funky functionality which manipulates the data via JSON and…

6 March 2015

Passion Planning your time.

I have to admit, I quite like planning. We all have goals that we want to achieve whether it’s something that can be achieved in one month, one year or a special lifetime goal.

There’s different sorts of planning, maybe you’re planning what meetings you have tomorrow, what food you’re going to buy in the supermarket, a note…

8 May 2014

How to give a presentation - How I fared at Talk Web Design 2014

Speaking for the first time at a conference is a daunting experience and I was very lucky to be able to do so. Props to David Watson, programme leader at University of Greenwich for giving me the opportunity.

So how did I fare?

The hook

As with any presentation I had to have a hook, some…

20 March 2014

Conferences and preparation - The year so far

This year I’ve been to a fair few conferences and events, I thought I would give an update of my year so far.

First off, in February, MK Geek Night All Dayer was an insightful day of web motivation and got me ready and raring to go in the new year.

I also attended London Node…

7 February 2014

MK Geek Night All Dayer, January 2014

I attended MK Geek Night All Dayer conference in January. It was an insightful day to get our creative juices flowing for the start of the year. I will mention some interesting discussions from the conference. Dan Rubin - We Don’t Talk Anymore Dan talked about how we are extremely adept at isolating ourrselves. We define out…

8 August 2013

Atomic Design: Building the bridge between designers and engineers

Read an interesting post by Brad Frost regarding Atomic Design. He states that designers should create 'atoms' and 'modules, basically components for engineers in building the website.

When working on projects I always advocate to designers to create a General User Interface file for the website. I, as an engineer, also creates a Style Guide which houses…

29 January 2013

Evolution of the Web Medium: Content Communication at its Best

A while back I wrote about How Genre Studies Relates to Web Design. The study of the web as a genre has suddenly become really important. As a relatively youthful medium, it came from a hybrid of traditional mediums. It's roots mainly stemmed from print and came from mediums such as newspapers and diaries. I wrote about…

26 January 2013

Nimble Processes and Content First

I recently attended Web Design Talk 2013 and New Adventures 2013. Things have changed quite a bit since last year. 2012 was very much about responsive web design and standardising the development of it. RWD is still an interesting factor but is not the most important anymore. What it has done is made us look at exactly how we…

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