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Hello my name is Pui, I am a web developer based in London with over 8 years experience.


Javascript - Accordion

I have a library of various functions which I use across sites. Thought I’d labwork this one to demonstrate an accordion functionality. This is written in pure JS without jQuery…

Angular - Portfolio example

​Testing Angular for this site. A one pager for the portfolio, making better use of the tags to filter my work.


Javascript - Speed Reader Test

Taking inspiration from Honda’s new speed-reading advert I thought I’d create a pure Javascript speed reader test.

It’s pretty simple in that it take how many words…

CSS3 Accordions


I played around with using CSS3 for accordion effect instead. Worked pretty well and seems a lot faster than traditional jQuery.

Codes used in this demo: HTML, CSS3,…

Responsive iframes - height and width for website content

So sometimes circumstances need be for an iframe to be part of the page. An iframe which brings in content from another place. When this is the case, you don’t…

Expression Engine bug - PHP error Undefined variable: category_name in helpers/segment_helper.php

On updating my site, I noticed one published article where there was a PHP error at the top of the page:
PHP error Undefined variable: category_name in helpers/segment_helper.php

jQuery/CSS - Responsive Tables: Solution for Back-end integration and having multiple tables

Tables are always fun. Especially when you want to make them responsive. Having worked on many projects where tables are part of the WYSIWYG editor and bog-standard table markup will…

jQuery - Turning dropdown select into HTML list markup to style

​So I have a dropdown select box of various languages and in the front-end I want to style this in some extravagant way. But of course, styling dropdown select boxes…

jQuery - Replicate .toggle(), first and second click, and toggle text


​Sometimes just using:


doesn’t quite cut it. And you want to get into that second click to manipulate something differently to the first click, as opposed…

jQuery - Check if more than one checkbox is checked


​This is quite a specific solution. Basically the problem is that we have a section with many checkboxes and we would like to run a function when only…

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