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Passion Planning your time.

6 March 2015

I have to admit, I quite like planning. We all have goals that we want to achieve whether it’s something that can be achieved in one month, one year or a special lifetime goal.

There’s different sorts of planning, maybe you’re planning what meetings you have tomorrow, what food you’re going to buy in the supermarket, a note to call mum in the evening…it’s all great and makes you one step closer to being the super-organised ‘you’ that you strive to be. But how about taking it one step further and planning your time to ensure that you reach goals that are really important to you?

In steps Passion Planner, a planner which began on Kickstarter by a young entrepreneur called Angelia Trinidad, who raised over $658,000 on the crowd-funding website. I was fortunate enough to back this diary at the end of 2014 and received my planner for 2015. It’s now March and I’m on my way to achieving goals that I never thought would even happen in this year. Through the planner I’ve regained a new passion for life and discovered more important goals that had no existence prior to 2015. ‘Doing’ really is the only way to know what you want and what you want to achieve.

It has also made me appreciate what I have in my life and the good things that have happened to me. People do generally focus on and remember the negative things, and even doing something as small as noting down what makes you happy each week can make a huge difference, when you can look back and go, ‘hey, I have felt pretty good actually!’. The happier you feel, the more you want to just do and you realise what makes you unhappy or happy in life.

I’ve found, for myself anyway, that goals (long or short) tend to link together creating a chain of goals. As an example, I can only achieve my three year goal A (Travel more) if I achieve my one year goal B (Save £XXXXX in savings), and one of the things to achieve that is via my three month goal C (Pay off credit card). Taking one of these goals (say, Goal C) I can work out exactly what needs to be done to achieve this and schedule it accordingly into my planner (i.e. next Friday I will cancel that subscription to reduce outgoing payments etc.). It could be that you need to do several things over a period of time in order to achieve this one goal.

The whole idea is to not try to achieve everything all at once, but *plan* your time so that it starts to reflect the things you need to do to achieve those goals. Slowly but surely, you’ll find that your life becomes clearer and the fog surrounding your thoughts will lift replaced by a passion for life to do and achieve.

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